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Driving School
Owners Koottayma (DSOK)

The Driving School Owners Koottayma was registered on June 24, 2020. We drew the attention of the authorities through the press to the plight of the driving school owners who have been locked up for six months in the Covid 19 situation.

It has also petitioned the Prime Minister, Union Transport Minister, Chief Minister, Transport Minister and 140 MLAs and 20 MPs to open driving schools.

However, after seeing no results, a hunger strike was organized on Thiruvonam at Secretariate.

The organization has also been able to provide Rs. 70,000/- in medical aid to a financially distressed driving school sister and organization has also been able to provide small helping hand of Rs. 1,25,000/- when a driving school brother in the organization died.

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The organization was also able to help many driving school owners.

Anyone who owns a driving school can take membership in this organization which has driving school members all over Kerala.

The support of all the driving school brothers in Kerala is essential for our organization to protect every driving schools.

All, irrespective of caste, creed, political affiliation or movement, work together for the betterment of driving schools in the Driving School Owners Koottayma. We warmly welcome the organization to stand united against the monopolies that are trying to infiltrate our livelihoods which are facing crisis through many new laws.


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